2018 has come and gone, and we are already  in the second quarter of the year 2019. The previous year was filled with excitement and new milestones for Scofield Associates. A run through the year document various projects and initiatives starting with; the second phase of Community Together Initiative (CTI-II), whose main aim is building bridges between the Law enforcement and community in Kamukunji sub-county Nairobi.

Monitoring and Evaluation play a critical component in development work. We are also well aware of the fluidity associated with conflict systems in general, and Violent Extremism and Terrorism. In an attempt to measure progress of Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism work in the region, Scofield Associates started a pilot project with support from Niwetu, to develop an CVE-Index for Isiolo. This  CVE Index would aid in measuring the progress of the County Action Plans and influence future programming.

We believe in learning and we work with our clients and partners to conduct learning research processes, to advice policy. With support from Life and Peace Institute; Horn of Africa Program, Scofield Associates conducted a discourse analysis on the National Strategy to Counter Violent Extremism and the  County Actions Plans. We are currently discussing with our partners to ensure copies of the reports or policy briefs are publicly available on our website.

Sticking to the mantra of “Sustainable Solutions Worldwide,” Scofield Associates believes in Sustainable Development Goals. 2018 also saw our participation at the United Nations High_level meeting on Peace building and sustainable peace, in New York. Our presentation focused on SDG 16 and 17 and called for a more engaging role from the UN and partnerships with the private sector in Africa as a model of conflict management.

In 2018, we managed to work with up to ten different partners, conducted three major research, evaluated projects, grew the core team to ten permanent staff, and expanded the our consulting pool to 44 individuals (10 PhD  researchers, 12 Masters, 34 Degree and Diploma Holders); across the eight countries in the Horn of Africa. When we reflect on 2018, we see the new partnerships forged, the teams built internally and in the field, and the wonderful engagement.

We are hitting the ground running in 2019. We are aligning our work to the regional needs and global goals. We are in the process of establishing partnerships with Universities in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Sudan. We are expanding and going deeper into policy formulation while remaining relevant to the linkages associated with implementation in the grass root communities.

We are also making our services accessible to our clients and partners by having quarterly events to interact with data, sharing updates using our monthly subscriptions, extending engagement with visual analytics, and building bridges between governments and development partners.

On behalf of Scofield Associates Limited I would like to welcome you to journey with us in 2019 and support us all through the year.