Security Review-November 2017

Security Review-November 2017

A sizable number of Al-Shabaab militants have been killed by Kenyan security forces since the start of Operation Linda Boni in 2015. Militants of the 300-man Jeysh Ayman, an Al-Shabaab cell, used the vast Boni forest as an operational base for recruiting and waging terror attacks in the Coast region. Most of the militants who had infiltrated the forest have abandoned the camps and fled to Somalia, according to military and police sources.

In Mogadishu eight Al-Shabaab militants died in an IED explosion. The eight were planning to
execute an attack in the capital, a National Intelligence and Security Agency(NISA) official told
Radio Dalsan. The incident occurred in Danida village where they were reportedly planting the

The US military has killed over 100 islamist militants in Somalia when it launched an airstrike
against Al Shabaab, an al Qaeda -linked insurgent group. The strike was carried out on a camp
201 km northwest of the capital, Mogadishu and the united states said they would continue to
target militants.

Ethiopia has recently had to deal with renewed clashes happening in the country. The clashes
have been attributed to the two most significant ethnic groups in the country. The reasons for
the fighting is still yet unknown but revolves around the Somali and Oromo people of the country.
These ethnic tensions have flared after past events caused the displacement of thousands of
individuals from the region. The deaths have totalled 20, as reported by the state media of the
country. This highlights a significant security concern within the country.

Tanzania received facial matching systems which would be used in the Immigration services
department. The objective of these donations is to strengthen the technical capacity of the
immigration officers at both land and air entry points to combat irregular migration and enhance
border security.

The UN Human Rights Commission accuses the Eritrean government of committing human
rights violations and crimes against humanity. It strongly denies the allegations, and insists that
it treats its citizens well. Protests broke out on 1st November 2017staged by students angered by
Government interference in the affairs of a community funded Muslim school.

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