01. Conflict Management Consulting

Peace and conflict management is a major component of development. However, the conflict systems in the Horn of Africa, prevent institutions and governments from achieving their goals. Economic, Social, Political conflict, Violent Extremism and Terrorism raise the concerns on issues in the greater Horn of Africa. Scofield Associates provides a service anchored on lessons learned, local dynamic understanding and contextual analysis, to different clients across the Horn of Africa.

02. Big Data Analytics

It is vital for organisations to use data in identifying existing gaps and opportunities for efficient operations, smarter and goal-oriented decisions. Scofield Associates provides gains from big data analytics ranging from; trend analysis, cost reduction, forecasting, and need-oriented interventions, to our clients. This process incorporates monitoring and evaluation practices in all aspects and spheres to remain relevant and track progress over time.

03. Market Research

Investigation and market analysis is critical in enabling prioritisation of goals and development processes. Scofield Associates offers to improve access to services delivery and investment gains through information, knowledge, and skills necessary for sustainability. Our work contributes to inclusivity, equity, human rights, education and the general other developmental challenges.