Availability, accessibility and the affordability of data is a core ingredient in the formulation of policies, legislations, regional and international engagement frameworks, programs and any interventions mechanisms across all sectors. Scofield Associates has invested in the necessary human resource, technology and partnerships that build on knowledge and evidence-based solutions.

Capacity Building

To maximize on sustainability, we have focused on establishing the requisite capabilities for start ups in the non-profit sector, devolved governments, community-based organizations and national government institutions while also increasing the capacity for successful entities nationally and regionally.

Project Management

Coordinated partnership in the implementation of projects brings diversity and the urgency of action. Scofield Associates is committed to a well-structured, people-centered, context-aware and standardized approach to the management of projects across its thematic areas. We recognize the need for efficiency and effectiveness in the management of small and large projects alike, in an environment where both small and large organizations operate.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Scofield Associates understands the importance of measuring results and outputs of implemented activities. Diligent Monitoring and Evaluating the initial, middle and last phases of programs gives a pointer to the linkage between the abstract ideas and the actual nature of practice. Scofield Associates’ consultancy experience has produced great results and models that can be replicated in this sector.