01. Peace and Conflict Management

The existence of conflict is constant in the society while peace can be inconsistent. The inconsistency is largely due to the response to conflict. Conflicts have evolved in the actors involved, actor interests, the cost of action, the causes, conflict theatres and mobilization strategies. Attainment of sustainable peace and stability therefore requires evidence-based and adaptive approaches. Scofield Associates comprehends these dynamics and factors them in the products it avails within this thematic area.

02. Preventing/ Countering Violent Extremism

The world is grappling with the threat of violent extremism. This threat manifests itself in elusive ways which have often attracted ineffective and inefficient responses. Right from its definition, causation and handling, violent extremism has proven to be controversial. There are however models that have argued for wide intervention mechanisms that integrate governments, private sector, civil society, academia and the local communities in a bid to troubleshoot the complexities. Scofield Associates has been at the frontline in advocating for such a model and does research, builds capacity for local communities on preventing and countering violent extremism and manages projects that brings all partners on board on this thematic area.

03. Quality Education

The sustainable development goals have prioritized the importance of education in achieving prosperity. Scofield Associates builds on the knowledge and skills necessary for sustainability especially on reducing violent practices and promoting peace. Through our programs, organizational capacity building and research, Scofield Associates will influence policies and legislations on the inclusivity, equity and the human rights dynamics of education.

04. Gender Equality

Scofield Associates aims at empowering the underprivileged gender, through leadership capacity building and engendering technology as a means of giving them voices. Scofield Associates prides in completed, ongoing and future activities that have focused on women. These activities strengthen plans of action, policies, programs and legal frameworks that promote gender equality.

05. Economic Growth

Inclusivity is critical in the mission of reducing inequalities within and among states. Scofield Associates continually seeks to tap into SMEs through risk assessment data, value chain analyses and evaluation in a bid to promote their growth and efficiency. This in turn will spur economic growth and development

06. Urban Planning

Increased urbanization requires diligent planning. The Horn of Africa within which Kenya belongs has experienced unprecedent growth of cities and towns. The incorporation of technology in the planning is critical. Technology will also be strategic in mapping out resources and increase resource efficiency. The mapping will also help in disaster management and response.