What we do


Available, accessible and affordable data is a core ingredient in the formulation of policies and engagement frameworks. As a core service, we invest in methodology that create knowledge and provide evidence-based solutions.

Project Management

We provide a well-structured, people-centered, context-aware and standardized approach to the management of projects in a challenging environment where both small and large organizations operate.

Capacity Building

To maximize on sustainable solutions, we provide the requisite capability to our partners and clients to meet the demand of the ever changing national and regional challenges in the Horn of Africa.

Monitoring and Evaluation

We understand the importance of measuring results and outputs of implemented activities. Through proper monitoring and evaluation, we support the linkage between the abstract ideas and the actual outcomes of interventions.

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Frequently Asked Questions
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How has COVID-19 impacted development work?

A lot has changed especially in the avenue of monitoring and evaluation. Currently, development initiatives are advised to use big data to track initiatives.

Have the lock down policies provided an avenue for violent extremism to thrive online?

There is a lot of misinformation on the opportunities present on the online space. Practitioners require caution when consuming information that would affect their programs.

What impact do the policies from government have on the economy and communities?

A lot of governments are trying to respond to COVID-19 through the implementation of policies; with the most significant one being, the lock-down. However, a simple desktop review shows that the decisions that result in such policies, are not supported by data. The impact may seem positive, but detrimental in the long run.

What are the strategies to counter violent extremism?

Nations across in the Horn have developed National Plans as means of rallying their people to respond to the challenge of violent extremism. However, an analysis show that most of these plans are not contextualised to the local issues.

How do we know we are making an impact from CVE programs?

Monitoring and Evaluation is a big challenge when it comes to CVE programs. However, there are means of determining the changes and impact made through proxy indicators. An index can bring together different components to make it happen.

What is community resilience?

These are the local capacities that communities develop over time to respond to challenges over time. These capacities ensure that the community remains stable, adapt or change as a response strategy.