SECURE Report Cover

Secure Project Evaluation Report


August 08, 2018

Research overview

The report covers an evaluation of P/CVE activities in Mandera, Wajir and Garissa counties. The project’s primary objective was to support community leaders, civil society and local government to develop community-based strategic CVE plans. These plans were ‘to protect communities from imminent threats of violent extremism and radicalization through the use of technology in early warning and response.’ Here is a summary from the report


  1. The report shows that though the level of human rights abuses has reduced, areas in Garissa and Mandera complain of the brutal actions by the military on the community.
  2. The SECURE project built the capacity of the community to diagnose and identify issues of violent extremism in the community.
  3. The engagement of women-led organisations in the SECURE project was significant. This initiative provided more encouragement for women to be part of the development of county strategic papers, provided opportunities for reporting, and the development of parenting forums. Additionally, information sharing in the community on the children has been made possible through the child accountability processes, which is an achievement of the SECURE project.


  1. Sustainability for projects is critical, with the knowledge that there are other tools in the community, including the Uwiano platform.
  2. Mulika Uhalifu could provide better options or work with the other platforms to avoid duplication of roles. However, the baseline only looked at early warning mechanisms, and not their definition, how they work, gaps, and what can be done to change the situation. Mulika Uhalifu was implemented with the assumption that; no platform was present, early warning and usage would be directly associated with Mulika tool,
    and the adoption of Mulika would be without the consideration of investigation processes that include multi agency process and a face to face processes.
  3. Initiatives are required to deal with some challenges mentioned, including inadequate feedback, communication network issues and the security threats in places like Garissa.