Horn of Africa Research Partner

"The community is our greatest asset"

– H.E. Kyle McCarter  (Former US Ambassador to Kenya)

International relations is changing. This change is influencing the trends in development. The fourth revolution is here with us, and data remains at the centre of it all.

–  Muliru Yoni (Director Scofield Associates)

This is who we are.....

Since 2015, we have dedicated our time to providing the best in research, big data analytics and evaluation in the Horn of Africa.

We work with development partners, implementing partners, local organizations and communities within the nine countries in the larger Horn of Africa. 

Furthermore, we pursue development solutions based on an integrated strategy that is anchored on research. Our outputs are aligned to methods that place data at the centre.

Our efforts are tailored towards the development of impactful products to support development work and communities where we work and live.

Focus Areas

Conflict Management Consulting

Our interest is in international development including; gender, power, culture, performance and governance. We also have an interest in countering violent extremism

Market Research

Our research methods, are consonant not only with the way various communities view scientific inquiry, but also with fundamental characteristics of clients and their needs. 

Big Data Analytics and M&E

Analytics allow us to add significant value to our partners and clients.  We also offer monitoring and evaluation solutions to review program outcomes.

Our Amazing Clients

What we do!


We invest in data collection tools that create knowledge and provide evidence-based solutions.

Project Management

We provide a well-structured, context-aware and standardized approach to project management.

Capacity Building

We provide capacity to our partners, enabling them to navigate complexity with ease.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Our M&E process provides the linkage between the abstract ideas and the actual outcomes of interventions.


To provide quality services that meet the expectations of our partners and clients while adhering to ethics and building lasting relationships.


To be a leading firm in research, capacity building, project management and monitoring and evaluation in the Horn of Africa.


Integrity, Ethics, Sustainability, and Professionalism