The convergence of global challenges is underway. While we have made strides in gathering and analyzing data, we have been confined to isolated areas of study, often neglecting the interconnectedness between each challenge and the goal of achieving sustainable development. In 2023, we stand at a crucial crossroads, where Development Work aligns purposefully with efforts to address Climate Change, Food Security, and Conflict Management. This year, our commitment is to deliver actionable and sustainable data products to our partners.

–  Muliru Yoni (Director Scofield Associates)

This is who we are.....

Since 2015, our focus has been on delivering top-notch research, big data analytics, and evaluation services in the Horn of Africa region.

We collaborate with development partners, implementing partners, local organizations, and communities across the nine countries in the wider Horn of Africa.

Moreover, we adopt an integrated approach rooted in research to develop effective solutions. Our outputs are designed around data-driven methodologies.

Our endeavors are specifically geared towards creating impactful products that support both the development work we engage in and the communities we serve.

In 2023, we are taking a step further by establishing connections between development efforts and ensuring that the data we provide is both sustainable and actionable for our development partners, civil society, and governments in the Horn of Africa.

We kindly request your support by partnering with us on this journey.

Focus Areas

Conflict Management Consulting

We are focused on the realm of international development, encompassing various vital aspects such as gender, power dynamics, cultural influences, performance, and governance.

Market Research

Our research methods are designed to align not only with the perspectives of diverse communities on scientific inquiry but also with the fundamental characteristics of our clients and their specific requirements.

Big Data Analytics

By leveraging advanced data analysis techniques, we provide valuable insights and actionable recommendations that can drive informed decision-making and improve outcomes. 

Monitoring &Evaluation

Our comprehensive M&E solutions assess and review the effectiveness of programs, enabling our clients to track progress, identify areas for improvement, and optimize their initiatives.

Our Amazing Clients

What we do!


We invest in data collection tools that create knowledge and provide evidence-based solutions.

Project Management

We provide a well-structured, context-aware and standardized approach to project management.

Capacity Building

We provide capacity to our partners, enabling them to navigate complexity with ease.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Our M&E process provides the linkage between the abstract ideas and the actual outcomes of interventions.


To provide quality services that meet the expectations of our partners and clients while adhering to ethics and building lasting relationships.


To be a leading firm in research, capacity building, project management and monitoring and evaluation in the Horn of Africa.


Integrity, Ethics, Sustainability, and Professionalism