Research and Publications


These are a summary of the research work done in the Horn of Africa. Please feel free to reach out to us for the full documents.

Summary of the Police Service Delivery Index Report
Depending on the needs in the community, the stations have either focused on accountability or ignored it.
BB-Why Cover
This review provides insights into the BBI report, to enable the electorate to make an informed choice.

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Ethiopian All Out: Conflict Bonding of Smaller Nations to Build the “Nation”
The turmoil in Ethiopia is a consequence of domestic colonization.
The application of big data would be an opportunity to contribute to the spirit of sharing.

Briefs and Policy Reviews

These are analytical pieces covering the development issues from the Horn of Africa. They also include policy proposals based on research work conducted from the region.

Articles and Insights

These are opinion pieces summarized from the monthly occurrences in the Horn of Africa region. 

Upcoming Study: #Handshake; the vulnerable narratives online and offline!
New study on online/offline engagement by VEO's. Interested? Let us know!
Picture of a Somali Man
“Unfortunately, the implementation of this agreement suffered setbacks. ” - H.E. Farmaajo
President Kibaki Holding up the Constitution of Kenya 2010
Effective democratic accountability requires voters to have at least some political knowledge.
M&E has a role to play in helping people and projects to adjust modalities alongside the COVID realities.