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The report covers the end of project evaluation for the climate-smart water governance project, focusing on activities that took place
The model developed by Community Together Initiative provided an opportunity to show not only what works, but also to document
Scofield Associates has created a CVE index for measuring the dynamic Kenyan context and the impact of efforts on Violent

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Practitioners highlight the vulnerabilities that COVID-19 presents in the current lockdown, the dynamics of violent extremist engagement online has limited
COVID-19 has become and international threat and nation states are implementing responses based limited data and limited lessons learnt from
In 2011, South Sudan earned the title of the world’s youngest State after a breakaway from Sudan. The independence was

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M&E has a role to play in helping people and projects to adjust modalities alongside the COVID realities. To achieve
The concern shared widely focus on the existence of disinformation from COVID-19. Terror groups are part of the disinformation cycle,
“how a family reacts to environmental threats is contingent on the harshness of the change they experience, their particular vulnerabilities,