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Reports & Papers

These are a summary of the research work done in the Horn of Africa. Please feel free to reach out to us for the full documents.
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Briefs & Policy Reviews

Quality Products from Our Consultants Across the Horn of Africa
South Sudan earned the title of the world’s youngest State. The 2013 did not play well for the young nation. Read more
Cover for policy impacts to PCVE in Kenya
Kenya has considerable experience from violent extremism. Unfortunately, the statements from government and political leadership may erode the gains made. Read more
Measuring change and progress made by various stakeholders is an important element in the fight against terror. Read more
Building relationships to PVE Cover
Communities perceive policies as good or bad, depending on the methods of implementation and practice. Read more
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Articles & Insights

These are opinion pieces summarized from the monthly occurrences in the Horn of Africa region.