Research & Publications


These are a summary of the research work done in the Horn of Africa. Please feel free to reach out to us for the full documents.

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We would like to share a monthly update on the progress, challenges and occurrences  from the Horn of Africa.

January 2018 SR
Violent extremism in Africa embellished the security threat for interested youth. Read more
A number of Al-Shabaab militants have been killed by Kenyan security forces since the start of Operation Linda Boni. Read more
October 2017 HOA review cover
The prolonged conflicts, drought, displacement of people, food insecurity have correlations to insecurity in the region. Read more

Briefs and Policy Reviews

These are analytical pieces covering the development issues from the Horn of Africa. They also include policy proposals based on research work conducted from the region.

Articles and Insights

These are opinion pieces summarized from the monthly occurrences in the Horn of Africa region. 

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