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The report covers research work that was conducted between July and October 2018, documenting the lessons learnt from P/CVE programming
The SECURE end-line survey was conducted in three north frontier counties of Kenya, namely, Mandera, Wajir, and Garissa counties.
Scofield Associates team conducted a minimalistic research study to understand the confluence of issues affecting Isiolo county from the lenses

Briefs & Policy reviews

Kenya has considerable experience from violent extremism. Unfortunately, as evidenced by its history, it has found ways to address the
Measuring change and progress made by various stakeholders is an important element in the fight against terror.
Discussions around the challenges associated with the impact of violent extremism and terrorism is aware of the importance of security

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Development that bears sustainable peace dividends is premised on the assumption that all contexts have institutionalized environments; which is not
It is clear that "killing them all", is not the solution to the problem. Usually, poor planning translates to fodder
Communities that believe they can affect the security situation and act together to protect their neighbourhoods prevent violent groups from